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St. Louis Media, LLC recap of 2017

St. Louis Media, LLC – Web Design, SEO, Hosting, News Publishing

St. Louis, MO/December 19, 2016 (STLMedia.Agency) As the year is quickly sneaking upon us one likes to look back on ones accomplishment (s) to evaluate their contribution to their company, family, clients and even society.  While St. Louis Media, LLC was only founded in 2014 there have been many accomplishments.  But 2016 appears to have been a successful year.

One of the most important tasks that we provide to our clients is traffic.  Traffic to a business website does convert into dollars at some point in time.  A business can build a website, but if prospective customers do not know that you exist the chances of them running across your business in a Google organic search are very slim if non-existent.

Our top priorities are to design attractive websites that are “search engine friendly”.  Meaning, if somebody searches for a web designer in the St. Louis area through a Google search that your website will show up on the first or even second page of the results.  If you are found on page 10 your website is doing very little from a marketing perspective.

Nonetheless, our two primary focuses are to build attractive websites that are search engine friendly.  Part of what the major search engines take into consideration when deciding where to rank a business website is the quality of the design, keywords, and inbound links.

To further assist our customers we have created several websites that will help our customers be found either in a directory or even in Google News, Bing News, Apple News, News360.com or more.

Accomplishments in 2016 are:

  • In addition to being a Google Certified Partner in January we became a Bing Accredited Partner.
  • We became an IDX Partner, which offers MLS listings feed to websites.
  • We obtained our own web hosting server that is racked at GoDaddy.
  • Become a member of the St. Louis Realtors Association.
  • Become a Google News Publisher with STLRestaurant.News.
  • Become a Bing News Publisher with STL.News, STLRestaurant.News, and STLRealEstate.News.
  • Become a Apple News Publisher with STL.News, STLRestaurant.News and STLRealEstate.News.
  • Become a News360.com News Publisher with STL.News, STLRestaurant.News and STLRealEstate.News.
  • Become an AP (Associated Press) News Publisher and press release distributor – AP Partner.
  • We have began the process of establishing our own web hosting company.  Servers will be located in the Wildwood, MO area.  The high speed Internet and servers should be online early 2017.  Using a local host with a local IP address wit superior speed will also help our clients in search engine rankings.  Hosting is more critical to a websites SEO efforts than most people realize.
  • Become an Apple App developer.
  • Become a Yoast Certified SEO Partner.
  • In addition to these accomplishments there are several projects in process that will be discussed in more detail later.

Special note: STLRealEstate.News is not owned by St. Louis Media, LLC.  We provide the hosting, design, optimization and maintenance of the family of websites that are owned by K Amant, LLC.

Obtaining our own servers, getting new certifications and most importantly, having our own news sites have been our objective for one reason – to help promote our customers with state-of-the-art technology.

For more information please call Marty @ (314) 808-1870.