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How to Choose a Website Hosting Company

How to Choose a Website Hosting Company?

Website Hosting (STLMedia.Agency): Looking to launch a brand-new website? Or have a website but are looking for a new hosting company?

By now you have found that this process can be quite challenging. There are so many hosting sites offering free hosting or inexpensive hosting. But is that the right route to go.

Let’s look at the factors that will help you decide what type of hosting you want.

What is your NEED for your website hosting? Is it a personal website? Blog website? Business website? Answering this first will help you decide what hosting you want. If you are just using it for yourself to share with family and friends, then by all means go with the FREE sites, majority of the time they are slow, but it will do what you need. But if you are looking to host a blog, business or store site, look to upgrade your hosting.

While you’re looking, think about your business growth. Are you growing quite consistently? Are you adding customers daily? Are you adding visitors to your website? Always look through the crystal ball to your future when deciding on a hosting company.

Also, make sure you understand web hosting. How many different types are out there in cyber land? Which one is going to fit you the best? Are you going to be on a shared server? This is the least expensive but beware of other sites bogging you down. And if you are running an E-Commerce site this is not recommended.

Then you have Virtual Servers, that are great for E-Commerce. And finally, dedicated servers. Make sure you read up on what each of these are, so when talking to the web hosting companies, you won’t be sold the wrong server, which means wrong pricing.

Other items you want to research on the hosting companies is their customer service, reviews on hosts, how much storage the host provides. As well as, additional services provided, bandwidth, connection speed and uptime claims. Finally, make sure they host has ALL the proper security tools.

When you host with St. Louis Media, LLC we provide more than server space. We provide: 24/7 Monitoring to assure maximum up-time, 24/7 service, WordPress migration, detailed traffic reports, index your site with Google, Bing and Yandex using our webmaster tools, provide you access to two SEO analytical programs to help you evaluate your websites performance and SEO, shared servers, WordPress site/Blog hosting, virtual private servers-(VPS), dedicated servers with self-admin or full service admin 24/7, 32 GB Ram/2 TB storage w/unlimited bandwidth and world-class data center.

Call us at 314-474-9852 to get started or visit http://stlmedia.agency/website-hosting/.