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ePostings – Social Media Optimization

ePostings is our Social Media Optimization program

St. Louis Media, LLC – Our ePostings is our form of “social media optimization” services.  Or in other words it is our social media posting service designed to market your products or businesses using social media.  We post to the most popular social media sites available, some are social sites, some are bookmarking sites and some are blogs used as social media.  In total, we publish to more than 50 top-rated social sites for maximum online visibility.

This list continues to change, but the most popular and best known social sites are Google+, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress.com, Tumblr, Blogger, Stumbleupon and many more.  We should have call our program social release to play off the phrase press release.  Our social media distribution list is comparable to many press release distribution programs.

We can manually post or integrate it with your website, assuming you have a blog or a blog can be attached in order to automate your postings.  The beauty of our program and platform is that we post once and it distributes to all 50+ social sites.  That’s amazingly easy, even for us!

However, it takes hours to set this program up and to get it functional and it takes hours each month to keep the social sites properly connected.

If you want to market using social media our ePostings program is the most comprehensive on the market.  Call us today for more information.