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Press Releases – Why you should utilize them

press releases

Press Releases – Why you should utilize them

Press Releases

Press Releases have been an effective public relations strategy starting back in 1906 when it was invented by Ivy Lee. Today, technology has changed everything including the distribution. They are more effective and affordable than ever before.

Press Releases can help build your online presence, which in today’s business world, is a key way to build your customer database and grow your sales. According to Dan Zarrella’s research, Press Releases are viewed on average about 275 times during the week.

Primary Benefits of Distributing Press Releases

  1. Increase in Website Traffic
  2. Reach new markets and demographics
  3. Customer Database growth
  4. SEO! Make it Grow! Build Inbound Links
  5. Media Attention
  6. Establish yourself as an Industry Expert
  7. Enhanced Trust and Branding

ALL BUSINESS can benefit from the Press Release. No matter the size of the business. No matter the style of business. Press Releases can get your name out in front of the public, inexpensively.

Let’s talk more about this. We highly suggest hiring a professional Press Release writer. The writer knows the best style of Press Release, the best time and day to post and how to present keywords in the Press Release for the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

You also want to look at paying for the Press Release. Yes, you can post them for free, but it will only reach that publications audience. Wouldn’t you rather post your Press Release inexpensively but reach thousands of potential customers? Then look for a Press Release Publication company that has the capability of posting your press release to several social sites as well as news sites.

Talk about building your online presence with one touch of the key!

STLMedia.Agency Press Releases are Distributed Using:

  1. Our search engine friendly, fully optimized blog site
  2. The major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex
  3. Google News and Bing News
  4. News 360 and Apple News
  5. 50+ Top-Rated Social Sites for maximum online visibility

In conclusion, a Press Release should be a part of your overall marketing efforts. It will help build your much-needed online presence. A Press Release will also build enhanced trust and branding for your business.


We are St. Louis Media, LLC. We offer domain names, SSL Certificates, website hosting, custom web design, SEO services and much more. We are SEO Certified, Google Certified, Bing Accredit and a Google News Publisher.

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