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AdWords Certified

AdWords Certified

AdWords Certified

AdWords Certified in St. Louis

St. Louis Media, LLC: we are Google Certified in six topics with Google and Google Analytic’s.  AdWords is the hottest advertising strategy on the market today with more than one million customers spending on average of $600 per month.  Some businesses like BOA spend millions of dollars each years leveraging this advertising strategy.

Our commissions are competitive and fair, our knowledge is over-the-edge about how to properly market yourself online using Google AdWords.  Google is the largest search engine in the world performing more than 65% of all searches.

This is the hottest and most technologically advanced marketing strategy on the market today.  We offer expert advice, certified with both Google and bing.  We offer AdWords Campaign Management services to our existing list of Internet related products and services.


We are St. Louis Media, LLC. We offer domain names, SSL Certificates, website hosting, custom web design, SEO services and much more. We are SEO Certified, Google Certified, Bing Accredit and a Google News Publisher.

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